CoCoPIE: Enabling Real-Time AI on Off-the-Shelf Mobile Devices via Compression-Compilation Co-Design



Assuming hardware is the major constraint for enabling real-time mobile intelligence, the industry has mainly dedicated their efforts to developing specialized hardware accelerators for machine learning and inference. This article challenges the assumption. By drawing on a recent real-time AI optimization framework CoCoPIE, it maintains that with effective compression-compiler co-design, it is possible to enable real-time artificial intelligence on mainstream end devices without special hardware. CoCoPIE is a software framework that holds numerous records on mobile AI, the first framework that supports all main kinds of DNNs, from CNNs to RNNs, transformer, language models, and so on; the fastest DNN pruning and acceleration framework, up to 180X faster compared with current DNN pruning on other frameworks such as TensorFlow-Lite; making many representative AI applications able to run in real-time on off-the-shelf mobile devices that have been previously regarded possible only with special hardware support; making off-the-shelf mobile devices outperform a number of representative ASIC and FPGA solutions in terms of energy efficiency and/or performance.

In Communications of the ACM
Pu Zhao
Pu Zhao
Research Assistant Professor